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Dec 5, 2013 5:00pm EST
president george w. bush awarded mandela with a presidential medal of freedom and president obama met with mandela once back when he was a senator in 2005. so right now as we await for the president to speak about the passing of nelson mandela. >> i know it will be some heartfelt remarks from the president because when you think about it, it's this nation's first african american president offering sentiments about south africa's first black president, clearly tied together by their roles in history and connected a number of times in person, the obama family connecting with mandela's family in south africa. again you're looking right now outside of nelson mandela's home in johannesburg where people have gathered to remember, to reflect upon the life of the man they call madeva. he is the father of modern south africa, dead at 95. >> interestingly right now a lot of south africans are asleep because it is past midnight in south africa. so they're going to wake up to this news. those who have heard, many of them, probably heard on social media. we saw some reports on twitter and facebo
Dec 2, 2013 5:00pm EST
will last for days. >>> still ahead, president obama makes a $100 million pledge to mark. >>> a lot of clouds right now, but not too much falling from the clouds. most of the showers out in ohio and the midwest. we'll let you know if any showers get in here tomorrow. we'll also come back and tell you when >>> a chinese lunar probe is in space tonight dropping off a robotic rover. this is a first for the chinese. the spacecraft is the first vessel to explore the moon since the soviet mission in 1976. the journey could pave the way for chinese astronauts to one day walk the moon. >>> the flash will ferrell promo blitz continued with a stop in bismarck, north carolina. >> you look lovely tonight. >> thank you, ron, you, too. >> are you married? >> no. >> well, i am, so don't get any ideas. a first look at the forecast, jared, how are you? >> very well. how about yourself? >> i'm doing great. last time i saw you, you were a lot heavier. >> yes, i've lost a little bit of weight. >> good for you. >> it appears it was a busy day for responders. firefighters were also called to a
Dec 6, 2013 5:00pm EST
and stole some property, a cadillac that was stolen later recovered. >>> right now we want to give you a live look to the ellipse where president obama and the first family are about to flip the switch on the national christmas tree, kind of looks like a snow globe there. of course, they're having a few challenges because of the weather, but on stage right now we believe could be train. >> i think we've got train that should be coming up any moment now. they are part of the headliners of this fantastic show that we have put on every year around this time of year about a message of peace and hope. they're getting it going there. >> the ceremony dates back to 1923. so this is the 91st ceremony. we're expected to see aretha franklin and mariah carey. jay lynch is hosting this. those poor folks in the audience are not under any cover. >> no. you can see the rain coming down through, yeah, and it looks like the lead singer of train has on a rain jacket. so they are sitting out in the elements, but everybody is excited about this, one of our holiday traditions here in the united states. we'l
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3